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Marketing your business – learn from other people’s mistakes!

July 01, 2016/0 Comments

The number 1 mistake people make is talking about themselves and their product rather than talking about their customer, but that’s an article in itself. So these are seven common mistakes that I see companies making (in no particular order of severity, just how they occurred to me!) These mistakes are more strategic than tactical, […]

Social Engagement

February 20, 2014/0 Comments

A lot of my work is trying to help businesses understand how social media can help them grow their business. There is  a bit of a tendency, particularly in smaller businesses, to immediately ask “how can social media increase my sales?” In most cases this is exactly the wrong question to be asking, but it’s […]

Photos by Graham Maddrell

January 30, 2014/0 Comments

Graham Maddrell from Wirral Chamber of Commerce has been kind enough to let me use some of his wonderful photos of Wirral on this site. Check out his portfolio at – there are some absolutely stunning shots!

Making time to market yourself as a Freelancer

December 19, 2013/0 Comments

So, I’ve finally got round to redesigning this site. I’m not 100% happy with it yet (far from it!) but it’s been a work in progress for so long that I’ve finally had to accept that I needed to go live and then make amendments as I go along. Lots of freelancers seem to have […]

How Well Do You Rank in Google?

December 18, 2013/0 Comments

I noticed an article on Lifehacker earlier that made me realise that the last couple of years I’ve got a bit complacent about controlling my personal brand. There are a lot of Phil Davies out there, including some national politicians who I’m not really that proud to share a name with! Sometimes I refer to […]